“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
– Walt Disney (1901 – 1966 )

“Over the past decade the concept of luxury has gone through a dramatic transformation as globalization has made what was once unique available to more and more people. Curation, or the concept of tailoring specific experiences to the customer, rather than developing the most encompassing, yet high end services, has come to represent the new standard of excellence in the world of luxury in order to battle commoditization.” [ Read More ]
– Forbes, 2013

The trend towards personalization reaches far beyond the world of luxury. Advertisers see the value in customizing marketing initiatives according to personal data collection. Manufacturers see the value in offering systems and products that are customizable to buyers’ individual tastes. Hotels move towards offering more intimate, authentic experiences to win guest loyalty. Expectations of personalized experiences are becoming the norm, and individual incentive programs respond to this new standard.

Due to the increasing accessibility of ‘what was once unique’, combined with the expectation of a personalized world, group incentive travel programs will no longer incentivize or motivate to the extent they have in the past. Individual Incentive programs that offer not just an experience, but a curated one, are on the rise.

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