Give a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime – Expertly Crafted Leather Travel Bags and Accessories

Originally conceived as a way of channeling their wildness, the Holland family, comprising of a father and his two sons, founded Mulholland® in 1984 in the basement of their house. The Mulholland line began with making things they knew such as fly reels and shotgun cases all by hand then testing them out themselves on the weekends. Using the finest raw materials that they knew could take a beating, they sold them to a loyal customer base that enjoyed a way of life similar to their own. Back then, all proceeds from what was sold was kept in an old coffee can.

Granted, the company has grown to have more people and products, more factories around the world, and they now keep track of revenue with software instead of in a coffee can. However, the overall commitment to creating the highest quality products remains true. From everyday backpacks with exceptional organization options to rolling duffels and luggage with rich leather trims, the attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed.

Show your gratitude by giving a gift with a purpose, designed to be used and appreciated for decades.

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